Incorrect grammar

Possessives are an important part of the English language. They are something we hardly think about when we use them; we just use them! We put the extra “s” onto a word hoping that it doesn’t need an apostrophe before or after the s. Possessives show possession, origin, or ownership of something, and are usually directly used along with a noun, pronoun, hyphenated words, and joined nouns. They are used all over the world for store signs and products that we buy. The correct use of possessives is essential to correctly using grammar and fine tuning your writing ability.

Many people assume that words ending with an “s” that has an apostrophe are contractions, but that is not the case. Contractions are a combination of two words with the apostrophe taking the place of a letter or letters omitted when the new word is formed. Possessives on the other hand have no letters omitted.

Some examples of these are:

That bag is so old its handles are falling off.

It’s raining outside.

            That’s the girl who’s going to the party.

            Whose car is that across the street?

            There’s a party tonight at my friends, want to go?

            What is that cake doing over there is it theirs?

            Is that your bike?

            You’re so funny why don’t you try stand-up comedy



Another common mistake lots of people make is when to add the apostrophe and when they do not have to. For a plural noun such as boys and girls you do not need to add an apostrophe after the S. This is because the word is already plural so you you don’t need to make it plural by adding an ‘S. On the flip side a word like lens, cactus, and bus do not need the ‘after the word, however there is no wrong way of doing this. The only formula to go by is to stay consistent however you choose to do it.

Some examples of these are:

            Look at all the dogs.

            Lens, Lens’

Cactus, cactus’


One of the last mistakes people make is how to make a word possessive and when to do so. As we know there are singular words and there are plural words. When it comes to people’s names we must use the right possessives too.

How to use possessives correctly:

Singular-                    brother

Singular possessive-          brother’s car

Plural-                                    brothers

            Plural possessive-   brother’s cars